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Demand for Philadelphia’s Small-Bay Warehouses Outpaces Supply

Demand for Philadelphia’s Small-Bay Warehouses Outpaces Supply

While headlines and reports often highlight mega-warehouses, Philadelphia’s small-bay industrial market has quietly flourished. These facilities, typically under 50,000 square feet, are the most sought-after segment, yet availability is limited, leading to a shrinking market for companies in need of smaller industrial spaces. Since 2022, construction has predominantly centered on “big-box” warehouse facilities, those exceeding… Read more »

Small-Bay Industrial Market in Philly is Underserved

Philadelphia’s Small-Bay Industrial Market Underserved by Recent Construction

Amid headlines driven by the mega-leasing sprees of Amazon, Target, Walmart and other high-profile companies in recent years, industrial developers have increasingly catered to the massive bulk-warehouse segment so much in demand by these types of users. However, one industrial property segment that has flown under the radar is those measuring 50,000 square feet or… Read more »